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Jorge Jauregui February 25th, 2019

Update: Week of February 25, 2019

Automation Updates

Branch Task

We've greatly simplified the set up for a branch task within a workflow process. You can now choose a specific field to branch on and, for each value, provide where the person should go. There is no longer a need to create a separate search query for each branch. You can branch on campus, gender, marital status, family position, language, occupation, and any defined people custom fields (only drop downs, checkbox lists, and radio button lists).

When an external process is chosen, the "Continue?" column determines whether the person should continue to the next task in the current process or simply stop moving forward. If a person matches multiple branches, each will execute for them.


Of course, you can still define custom branching criteria just like before. This is now available by choosing "Custom Criteria" under the Branch On field.


Linked Tasks

During the normal flow of a process, people may be added to other tasks in an external process. We've made it easier to understand how people move from process to process and the relationships between them. In the rightmost column when viewing the process, there is now a box named "Linked Tasks." This area lists any tasks in the system which may send people into that process.

Pledge Updates

Campaign Status

A label has been added under the name of the giving campaign in the list which indicates whether the campaign has not started yet, is currently active, or has ended.



  • Process assignees can now view attached files and answer admin only fields on attached form.

  • A user can now update their own serving availability directly from their profile.

  • When matching an unmatched transaction to a profile, all other unmatched transactions for the same person are auto matched as well.

  • Simplified the Branch Task in a workflow process to make branching on a single field very easy.

  • Added a box when viewing a process which contains a list of other processes and tasks that may send people into that process.

  • Added label to giving campaign table indicating if campaign has passed, is active, or is in the future.


  • Fixed issue where duplicate person profiles could be imported during a manual import of Pushpay transactions.