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Jorge Jauregui February 18th, 2019

Update: Week of February 18, 2019

Reporting Updates

Query Builder

The following new date filters have added to the query builder. No more need to explicitly add a start or end date for these cases.

  • is this week
  • is last week
  • is next week

Example of the "is this week" filter:


A week for these filters is considered to be from Monday to Sunday. If the field being filtered is the Birthday or Anniversary, the year portion is not considered when running the report. 

Likewise, the "is" date filter has also been updated to not consider the year when searching by the Birthday or Anniversary field.

Group Updates

Attendance Reports

You can now export an individual attendance report to CSV. This will allow you to download a list of people who were present or absent on that day. You can do so directly from the listing or when viewing an existing report.

From the listing: 


When viewing a report:


New Features

  • Workflow process triggers can now run on a custom repeating schedule.


  • When viewing a process, the time remaining until the trigger executes is now shown.

  • For PaySimple integration, now checks whether credit card type is supported by organization before saving payment method.

  • Added new date filter types on query builder: "is this week", "is last week", and "is next week".

  • The "is" date filter for the query builder does not consider the year if field is Birthday or Anniversary.

  • Increase text size for "Account Settings" and "View My Profile" links in upper left.

  • Can export attendance report details to CSV.


  • Fixed issue where event time attendee limits on repeating events were closing the day too early in certain instances.

  • Fixed issue where initial times selected when adding event attendees manually were not being saved when configured a certain way.

  • Fixed issue on mobile browsers where responses to radio button fields on a custom form were not registering when submitting.

  • Fixed deliverability issue when sending a large number of voice mail messages

  • Fixed issue where you could not save a transaction with duplicate line items