Jorge Jauregui February 15th, 2019

Update: Week of February 11, 2019

Form Updates

New Permission and Limits

A new category field has been added to forms. This can be used to not only better organize your forms into different areas, but also restrict which forms users can edit or view submissions for. 


A new user permission named Full Read Forms has been added along with a new set of limits called Form Categories

Note: form category limits for not apply to guest or super users.

Form Related Permissions

  • Full Read Forms - allows the user to view all submissions for a form as well as basic info.
  • Full Write Forms - requires Full Read Forms. Allows a user to edit all parts of a form including fields, settings, and past submissions.

If you set form category limits for a user, they will only be able to access forms of that category (or forms which have no category at all). What they can do in the record depends on which permissions are set (see above). To set form category limits for a user:

  1. Go to the user's profile.
  2. Under Actions, select "Manage permissions."
  3. Under the Permissions tab, grant either Full Read Forms or Full Write Forms depending on what they should be able to do in the form.
  4. Go to the Limits tab.
  5. Scroll down to the Form Categories section and toggle Limit Access? to Yes.
  6. Finally, select which categories they should have access to and click Save.

Bulk Edit Multiple Forms

You can now also edit certain fields on multiple forms at once. Simply go to the form listing screen, check the forms you want to edit, and select "Bulk Update" from the actions menu to get started.


Event Updates

Custom Fields

You can now set custom fields for an events. This will allow you to track additional fields that do not come built into the system. Any added custom fields will appear on all events. Of course, the values you set will be specific to the event you edited. 

These custom fields appear on the event listing (hidden by default), event record (on right-most column), are filterable, and exportable. To add a new custom field, edit or add a new event and at the bottom of the General tab, you'll find the new custom field button.


New Features

  • Added new permission named Full Read Forms

  • You can now bulk update multiple forms at once from the form listing screen.

  • Forms now have a category field to help with organization

  • Access to forms can be limited based on their category

  • Added support for custom fields to events


  • Added expiration date to form listing (hidden by default)

  • You can now add a new submission right from the form listing

  • Added support for filtering by custom fields on event calendar

  • Automatically import any services for selected campus when creating a volunteer schedule

  • Filtering options for volunteer block out dates when viewed from scheduler


  • Fixed issue where long links would overflow outside the box on group and event descriptions

  • Fixed issue where filters on event calendar were not working propertly

  • When importing people data, fixed issue where multiple heads of household was possible.