Jorge Jauregui March 12th, 2019

Update: Week of March 11, 2019


  • Added many new filters, columns, and groupings to the Contribution Query Builder (including many custom fields).

  • Added notes field for metric reports.

  • Replies for event invites are sent to the person who invited them.

  • Added Assignee filter to main workflow process queue listing.

  • Can now filter the main volunteer schedules listing by status. Defaults to showing current or future schedules.

  • Added time name to form when adding check-ins manually through the event.

  • Changed text on "Visit Giving Portal" button to "Give Now"

  • Can now change head of household while adding or editing a family member.

  • Added date a recurring giving schedules was created to listing (hidden by default).


  • Fixed issue related to day light savings time when generating check-in log reports.

  • Fixed issue where email replies to group discussion messages were not being added to the group discussion thread.