Jorge Jauregui March 5th, 2019

Update: Week of March 4, 2019

Reporting Updates

New Report: Envelope Numbers

A new report has been added to the People Query Builder which makes it easy to generate a list of envelope numbers for printing. Simply add query filters to return the people you want include and then choose "Generate Report" under the "Actions" menu.

Finally, choose "Envelope Numbers" for the Report field, choose your parameters, and then click "Generate" to download the list.


The report will automatically combine people together under the same envelope number if they:

  1. Have the same envelope number assigned.
  2. Are in the same family.
  3. Have the same address (either directly or indirectly from the head of household).

This way, you can print the least number of envelopes needed.

New Features

  • Added Envelope Number report to People Query Builder to help with printing envelopes.


  • Workflow and process columns on queue listing are now sortable

  • When viewing the process queue listing, the assignee is now visible when task is Incomplete or Past Due

  • A new address filter named "Is Archived?" was added to the People Query Builder.


  • Fixed issue which could result in duplicate recurring schedules being imported from Pushpay.

  • Fixed issue when bulk updating checkbox list custom fields from the People Query Builder.